A Quarter Century Addendum

25 Lessons Learned by Age 25

I turn 25 today, which feels like a milestone.  In the last quarter century, I’ve raised goats, read through a library and a half, graduated college (and gone back for round two), solo traveled on three continents, dirtbagged, lived with a family that’s not my own, volunteered full-time, learned a second language, and threw in my lot working for a Fortune 500 company.

A Quarter Century Addendum

Growing Up is Just the Beginning; Lifelong Learning

School never taught me to file taxes, or how to set a budget.  CCD (Sunday school) never taught me why Catholics say the things we do in Mass.  Job trainings are never as good as the boss promises they'll be in the interview.  The vet didn't tell me how to trick my kitten into taking medicine.