Chapter 1: The Quest for Pura Vida

Where I’ve Been in Costa Rica

If all goes according to plan, even though nothing ever goes according to my plans, I’d like to keep this as an ongoing list of the specific places I’ve been in Costa Rica*.

So, in order of most awesome to baseline awesome, here’s where I’ve been.  The plan is to link each place to a more specific description of my experience there, but that will be an ongoing project.

  1. Boquete, Panama
  2. Puerto Viejo
  3. Altamira
  4. Bocas del Toro, Panama
  5. La Fortuna (Volcán Arenal)
  6. Cahuita
  7. Montezuma
  8. San José
  9. Monteverde
  10. Limón (the city)
  11. Santa Teresa

*And places I can get to from Costa Rica.  Because Panama is not in Costa Rica.  Obviously.


5 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been in Costa Rica

  1. La Fortuna is one of my favorite places in Costa Rica. I have been twice and still haven’t had enough time to do everything there is to be done there. Pura Vida – Beto

    1. Yes, I’ve been to La Fortuna twice as well! It’s the best if you want to have a lot of choices. My problem is, I’m traveling on a college kid budget, so I can’t do all I would like to do.

      1. I understand. I’m a volunteer here so I probably couldn’t afford to do everything in one trip. I think next I will try to kayak the lake and then head over to Rio Celeste.

      2. Rio Celeste is at the top of my list of things I have to do before I leave! I would have gone last time I went to La Fortuna, but it was rainy. They say the color isn’t as brilliant with all the mud.

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