Chapter 1: The Quest for Pura Vida

I’m Bad at Blogging; Where I’ve Been for the Last 3ish Weeks

So I’ve been doing that thing again where I go off on adventures and neglect to blog.  Maybe one day I’ll have the discipline to blog in advance and set posts on timers, but today is not that day.  Last time, I wrote a broad sketch of what I was doing instead of blogging and that seemed to work out, so I’ll try that again.  I have been in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Texas, and Mexico at various points so that makes for some good variety.

And so, in non-chronological order, I:

  • Turned 21 (in a country that’s not the USA, so it kinda doesn’t count)
  • Got a surprise birthday party from my host family
  • Witnessed my adopted country improbably advance further in the World Cup than they’ve ever gone before
  • Found out just how much passion for fútbol and for their country runs through Costa Rican veins
  • Discovered a spark of passion for soccer in myself (finally, after ten months of my host brother trying to convince me of the game’s legitimacy and watching at least part of a game on TV every day)
  • Felt at least a shadow of the Tico heartbroken pride when Costa Rica lost to the Netherlands in penales  in the quarterfinals
  • Lost interest in the World Cup since USA’s out too (go Argentina?  I’m with the Pope)
  • Cheered for the Spurs while surrounded by people who didn’t care on an island made up of two volcanoes in a giant lake in Nicaragua
  • Got a Spurs championship for my birthday
  • Realized I just made seven bullet points about watching sports (what) (does this one count as number eight?)
  • Crossed a border on foot by myself (again) (not any easier)
  • Crossed it the other way a few days later with new friends (much better experience)
  • Got gypped by Nicaraguan taxi drivers
  • Determinedly rode chicken buses for the rest of my time in Nicaragua, no matter how inconvenient or crowded they were (more on that later)
  • Took a surf lesson and found standing up and balancing isn’t as hard as I thought
  • Didn’t get stung by a stingray (but my friend did)
  • Discovered you can fit 22 twenty-something-year-olds in the back of a truck (with a bit of imagination)
  • Learned to convert two new currencies
  • Gave shampoo and books to random amused strangers in the Costa Rican airport because my bag was overweight
  • Reunited with my mom, dad, sister, best friend, and cousins
  • Went to see the traveling Broadway show Sister Act in the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas
  • Strolled the Riverwalk with my mom
  • Ate delicious Tex-Mex food
  • Went out on 6th Street in Austin with my sister and best friend
  • Watched Stalag 17 with my granddad (it’s very good, I recommend it)
  • Went skydiving with my sister
  • Went on vacation to Mexico with my dad, sister and cousins
  • Went snorkeling in a cave, among other places
  • Haggled with Mexican souvenir vendors who gave me “discounts” because I could speak Spanish
  • Came home with no immediate plans to leave the country (feels strange)

And somehow, among all that, I never found a chance to blog.


5 thoughts on “I’m Bad at Blogging; Where I’ve Been for the Last 3ish Weeks

  1. So many accomplisments! I follow your blog on my other account, but I made this one to connect to Facebook and share. I’m here in Costa Rica now and it’s amazing! We saw the game at a bar, and it so stressful but also so much fun. Glad to hear from you again!

    1. I’m so jealous! I was only in Costa Rica for the Uruguay game, which was exciting enough, but I had friends sending me pictures and videos from the other games, and it looks like Costa Rica just got crazier.
      I hope you enjoy your time in Costa Rica!

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