Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

Starting Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

I had to think a bit about what to call this chapter.  Very broadly, I’m headed to Europe to go backpacking.  I can’t get much more specific than that since my plans aren’t much more specific—something which has become more obvious as I’ve had to explain my plans over and over to everyone I’ve made small talk with for the last few months.

Maybe I’ll just start directing people to this post so I don’t have to explain it again.

My sister and I have mapped out a five-week circuit from Spain to Italy to Czech Republic to Poland to Germany to the Netherlands, and back to Spain, but I have no idea where I’ll go once she comes back to Texas.  And I like that.

I thought about calling this chapter “Uncharted Territory”, but that’s not entirely accurate since Europe is probably the most charted territory in the world.  It’s just uncharted for me, and not a real part of the personal map I’ve painted of the world.

So I’ll be filling in the blank spaces indefinitely and probably in an illogical way.  Also, if I can figure out how, I’m going to name my sister as a co-administrator of the blog so she can have a say in the kind of story we tell of our adventures.  If our accounts diverge in any way, you can assume mine is the accurate one since you and I have spent more time together and developed more rapport.  Also, as we know, the baby sister always tells the real story.

Anyway, I’m leaving tomorrow on my first transatlantic flight.  I’m a bit terrified because I don’t know exactly what to expect.  We’re going to cities, not rainforests, and they don’t all speak my language.  Also, I’m not the most plan-oriented person in the world, so I really hope I took care of everything important that I needed to.  If not, well…



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