Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

Routine Doesn’t Look So Scary; I Guess This is Growing Up

I love Leap Day.  It’s my me holiday.  I also love other holidays for their family-oriented celebrations, but this is a special day in which I have no obligation to anyone.  I spent the day completely alone, doing things I like to do, and it was perfect.

–It has come to my attention this year that Leap Day is traditionally a day in which gender roles are swapped, and women can ask men on dates.  Now, I’m generally a traditional lady who would generally prefer traditional gender roles, but I like the idea that every four years, life can get shaken up a bit.  And I would have had fun asking someone out, had there been any eligible bachelors within a reasonable radius, but alas.  Maybe in 2020.–

Leap Day  would hardly have made a blip on my radar if it had passed while I was traveling, but I’m glad my life is routine enough at the moment to make unusual days worth something.

Right now I’m living the life I was longing for while I was backpacking (although maybe a tad too reclusive).  I hardly interact with anyone other than the four core people in my life–my parents, sister, and best friend–and I spend most of my time consciously cultivating skills and habits I want to have as my life goes on.  I have plenty of time to read, and loads of time to introspect.  It’s not the most exciting period in my life, and I think people are a bit disappointed when they ask what adventures I have going on, but if they want adventures, they can go have their own.  I’m starting to visualize a future with routine and roots, and I’m visualizing it without a trace of dread.  I think this is growing up, and I think I like it.

My adventures aren’t over yet, but it’s good to know that I don’t fear this will be the best part of my life.  So here’s to routine, and here’s to disruptions to routine.

Happy Leap Day!


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