I grew up in Small Town, Texas, and my identity is strongly rooted in home.  However, I also love stories and perspectives, and travel is one good way to learn a million new ways to see one idea.  I actually haven’t decided if I’m more of a traveler or a homebody, and maybe I’ll never know.


About the Blog

This started as a study abroad blog when I left for a year-long program in Costa Rica in July of 2013.  Then I sporadically posted throughout my senior year of university to keep it alive, until I started backpacking after I graduated, and finally got some fresh travel stories.  Now it’s an exploration of how far my deep roots and wide wings extend.

In an attempt to retroactively organize my writing:
Chapter 1 of my blog is a first-hand experience of a fully-immersive study abroad, and also the experiences of a first-time traveler and language-learner.
Chapter 2 is the account of an American college student putting the pieces together of a new worldview, after having the old one shattered by living in a different culture.
Chapter 3 is a story of post-grad disorientation, except even better because there’s backpacking and traveling mishaps and pretty pictures of Europe and Morocco involved.
Chapters 4 is about me gradually hopping my way home and serving as an AmeriCorps member to help people culturally adjust to my own country.
Chapter 5 is growing roots and learning to commit as I’m starting down a specific career path to become a freelance writer and ASL interpreter with intent and purpose.

–As a side note, although this is my personal blog, I also have my own writing business. Find out more at my professional website/blog: Written with Renee.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am going to be in Costa Rica for a couple months this summer, and your blog is super helpful! Thanks so much 🙂

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