About Me

I grew up in Small Town, Texas, and my identity is strongly rooted in home.  However, I also love stories and perspectives, and travel is one good way to learn a million new ways to see one idea.  I actually haven’t decided if I’m more of a traveler or a homebody, and maybe I’ll never know.

1979850_10206727597302854_1551691934660385132_nThree facts about me:
1. I have a superpower for picking out the best and sweetest cantaloupe.  Seriously guys, I’ve had no training, and I come home with a good one every time.
2. I’m very Catholic, and very bummed because I hardly ever meet travelers of any strong religious persuasion.
3. I hate packing more than almost any other seemingly harmless activity.  Terrible trait for someone without a permanent residence.

About the Blog

This started as a study abroad blog when I left for a year-long program in Costa Rica in July of 2013.  Then I sporadically posted throughout my senior year of university to keep it alive, until I started backpacking after I graduated, and finally got some fresh travel stories.

In an attempt to retroactively organize my writing:
Chapter 1 of my blog is a first-hand experience of a fully-immersive study abroad, and also the experiences of a first-time traveler and language-learner.
Chapter 2 is the account of an American college student putting the pieces together of a new worldview, after having the old one shattered by living in a different culture.
Chapter 3 is a story of post-grad disorientation, except even better because there’s backpacking and traveling mishaps and pretty pictures of Europe and Morocco involved.

Despite posts to the contrary, I don’t plan on settling down in the near future.  I hate when people ask what my plans are, because it’s not a simple answer.  However, the elevator pitch I’ve developed is: I’ll be working this summer as a whitewater raft guide in Tennessee, in a part of my own country I’ve never seen, and then I’m applying to an MA program in Germany (and if all goes well, I’ll learn German, y’all!).  After that, maybe I’ll study my doctorate (and another language…?), maybe I’ll hike the Pacific Crest Trail, maybe I’ll settle down and have five babies, maybe I’ll get a “real job,” like my uncle and best friend’s dad have been telling me to, maybe I’ll make a real attempt to turn this writing thing into a paying thing… Anyway, stay tuned, and all that jazz.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am going to be in Costa Rica for a couple months this summer, and your blog is super helpful! Thanks so much 🙂

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