Chapter 5: How to Grow Roots

Who Designed San Antonio, and How Do They Expect Me to Navigate It?

I've taken countless trains and planes, buses and taxis, and tread many paths and foreign city streets a pata, with my own two feet.  But as it turns out, there will always be new challenges for a girl with absolutely no innate sense of direction.

Chapter 4: An Autobiography of an Idealist

Boys Still Aren’t Embracing NESS (Nursing, Education, Social Services) Careers

So, how do we change this, and what should boys learn now that sets them up to thrive in a transformed labor market of the future? The answer is not simply more and better NESS subject teaching. They must also learn that boys have an equal place in that future. This isn’t a given. A major and underestimated obstacle for boys in NESS is the stereotype that has been created and perpetuated that girls are better at these subjects and careers.