Chapter 5: How to Grow Roots

Looking for My Keys; How I Adapt to Living in a New Place

So if you're feeling lonely and disconnected a few months into college, study abroad, your new job in that city, or an idyllic llama ranch in Peru, there's nothing wrong with you.  You didn't miss anything crucial.  Roots just take time to grow.

Chapter 5: How to Grow Roots

Who Designed San Antonio, and How Do They Expect Me to Navigate It?

I've taken countless trains and planes, buses and taxis, and tread many paths and foreign city streets a pata, with my own two feet.  But as it turns out, there will always be new challenges for a girl with absolutely no innate sense of direction.

Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

Routine Doesn’t Look So Scary; I Guess This is Growing Up

It's not the most exciting period in my life, and I think people are a bit disappointed when they ask what adventures I have going on, but if they want adventures, they can go have their own. I'm starting to visualize a future with routine and roots, and I'm visualizing it without a trace of dread. I think this is growing up, and I think I like it.