A Quarter Century Addendum

25 Lessons Learned by Age 25

I turn 25 today, which feels like a milestone.  In the last quarter century, I’ve raised goats, read through a library and a half, graduated college (and gone back for round two), solo traveled on three continents, dirtbagged, lived with a family that’s not my own, volunteered full-time, learned a second language, and threw in my lot working for a Fortune 500 company.

Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

Routine Doesn’t Look So Scary; I Guess This is Growing Up

It's not the most exciting period in my life, and I think people are a bit disappointed when they ask what adventures I have going on, but if they want adventures, they can go have their own. I'm starting to visualize a future with routine and roots, and I'm visualizing it without a trace of dread. I think this is growing up, and I think I like it.

Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

May I Never Have Matching Coffee Cups

Even though I don't yet have a cabinet to put them in, I've already started my collection. I have a beautiful clay-colored mug with blue and green swirly paint flowers that my mom bought at an art fair. I have a huge deep blue mug that says "Catholic Charities" from my internship last summer. I have one with a German Christmas market painted on it from a glühwein stand that I picked up when I was traveling through Europe.