A Quarter Century Addendum

Life is in the Little Habits; Or, Why I Make My Bed

Making my bed has not only consistently given me a motivated start to every morning and a satisfying end to every evening, but has also helped me prove to myself I can pick up an new habit--and maintain it. 

A Quarter Century Addendum

Potato Chips for the Mind

However, I don't exactly read a Shakespeare play every week these days.  I still enjoy his work, just as I enjoy Victor Hugo, and other Real Literature, but usually in short spurts.  Books and plays like those aren't always page-turning lose-yourself-in-another-world stories.

Chapter 3: The Blank Spaces on the Map

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (And Not Only in My Dreams)

I'm writing this on December 9, 2015, but I won't set it to post until after Christmas for the purpose of secret-keeping.  You see, here's the deal.  I'm going home early to surprise my loved ones for Christmas. I originally booked my return ticket for as late a date as I could and still actively participate… Continue reading I’ll Be Home for Christmas (And Not Only in My Dreams)