Chapter 4: An Autobiography of an Idealist

Basic Facts Every Informed Human Should Know Before Declaring a Stance on Refugees or Trump’s Executive Order

What the difference is between a refugee and an asylum-seeker. The number of fatal terrorist attacks on U.S. soil perpetrated by refugees. Where in the executive order you can find the "Muslim ban." What the current vetting process is for refugees. Why President Obama "banned" Cuban "refugees" near the end of his term.

Chapter 2: The Way Less Traveled By

I’m a Senior in College, and I’m Surviving

My mom no longer prods me to post--probably because I'm in the same country with her.  As it happens, though, some of my Tico friends have expressed concern as to if I'm still alive since I don't facebook/skype/post much anymore. It's funny, because one thing that kept me going in Costa Rica, especially in the… Continue reading I’m a Senior in College, and I’m Surviving