Chapter 5: How to Grow Roots


I live for the days I disappear into the blinking cursor and spiky crisp word shapes, only to eventually emerge with ears ringing, tummy rumbling, and satisfaction of a thought well-expanded.

Chapter 5: How to Grow Roots

Impostor Syndrome, Asking for Help (and Admitting It); Autobiography of a First-Time Entrepreneur

I joined the "Clients with Purpose" coaching community to be held accountable. I need to be pushed and given structure and objectives. I need some direction and support from a Christian community of entrepreneurs who are going through similar experiences.

A Quarter Century Addendum

25 Lessons Learned by Age 25

I turn 25 today, which feels like a milestone.  In the last quarter century, I’ve raised goats, read through a library and a half, graduated college (and gone back for round two), solo traveled on three continents, dirtbagged, lived with a family that’s not my own, volunteered full-time, learned a second language, and threw in my lot working for a Fortune 500 company.